Crete is one of the safest places in Europe for your holiday.

Greece is open for tourism and that includes transportation, shops, restaurants, cafes, beaches and accommodation. Covid-19 infections have been managed more successfully than in most European countries. There have been very few cases in Crete.

At Villa Koumos, we've always had very high standards of preparation and cleanliness. This year, we have introduced new hygiene protocols which have been approved by the Greek Ministry of Tourism with the award of a Health First certificate. We operate a self check-in system with a key safe. Once inside, you can be confident that the surfaces you touch, such as remote controls, door handles and light switches will be safe. We have removed some non-essential and decorative items and added safety items to further reduce any risk. Maintenance and cleaning during your stay will be arranged in a way which maintains social distancing and further guest information will be provided to you on arrival.

You can relax, knowing we have taken care of these important things.

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