At the Villa

Tap water - is safe to drink in Crete. If you prefer, bottled mineral water is cheap and readily available in kiosks, tavernas and supermarkets.

Hot Water - is heated by solar panels. Take care in summer as it can be very hot! The immersion heater is controlled by the unit below the fuse box, near the front door. Press the button once for 30 minutes, twice for one hour, three times for two hours.

Mains Water – There's an outside tap on the wall of the courtyard store. Turn it on each day to test for mains water availability, If no water comes out, the mains supply is off. It could be a few hours or longer. Our 1000 litre reserve tank will keep you supplied for a few days but only if you reduce usage.

Electricity – The mains electricity supply is 230V 50Hz, the same as the rest of Europe. We have provided UK plug adapters.

Power cuts - If the power goes off, the circuit breaker might have tripped. Go to the downstairs fuse box and press the orange switch up. If the switch is already up, wait for power to be restored. If it won't stay up call for assistance.

Thunderstorms may cause electrical surges and you are advised to unplug the  TV, WiFi router and phone chargers to avoid damage

WiFi code is koumos12. Coverage is available in the upstairs areas but doesn't reach the bedrooms.

TV DVD Soundbar instructions are available by clicking this link.

Villa Koumos phone number is +30 2821 601253 - Calls to Greek landlines and mobiles are free, International calls are not available. There's a good 4G mobile signal at the villa.

Please keep the sliding metal gate closed. These sheep would love to munch on our exotic foliage and flowers rather than their usual diet of dry grass and thistles!

Our toilet plumbing is the same as at home, which means you can flush toilet paper and don't need to put it in a bin but don't flush wet wipes, sanitary products or diapers. Elsewhere in Crete, you will still need to use the bin.

Mosquitos – Are rarely a problem. We provide plug-in mosquito repellant devices and refills are available from local shops. Switch on before going out in the evening and off in the daytime. Apply mosquito repellant in the early evening.

Millipedes - These harmless, dark brown or black insects are around 50mm long. If touched, they curl up and give off an offensive odour! If you find one inside sweep it into a dustpan and empty it outside.